Integrating IoT devices in 3rd-party smart-home ecosystems: local vs remote middleware solutions

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settembre 2022
Collaboratori: Prof. Tullio Vardanega Ing. Giuseppe Ursino
Scarica documento

Tesi magistrale in Informatica, Dipartimento di Matematica, Scuola di Scienze, UniPD.


The Internet of Things is an especially prominent vector of evolution for commercial applications, including smart-home ecosystems. An IoT ecosystem is an ensemble of web-connected devices able to collect, send and act on environmental data. Individual manufacturers employ proprietary data models to endow their devices with ad-hoc properties, functionalities and relationships.

When a 3rd-party ecosystem integration is required in a product, a common language needs to be defned, overarching foreign data models, so that all devices may be interacted with. To address this need, an integrator must use a local or remote middleware, whose deployment afects response times, user functionalities, and maintainability.

The former option is less general but incurs less latency; the latter is more versatile, at the cost of higher latency and more complex data exchange. This thesis surveys and compares state-of-the-art integration strategies, and formulates two original solutions.